Monday, March 29, 2010

better now, thanks

I've walked around knocking on wood all weekend. The stiffness in my low back and left leg is much better. I honestly don't think I've felt this good since we were in Australia. Even working two shifts hasn't been that big a deal. I don't know what's made the difference. When I talked with Dr Lee, the Neurosurgeon, earlier this week, he basically said that my leg was likely to hurt, maybe forever, and some days more than others. So I've been trying to get my brain around this new reality, and reset my expectations to this new normal. And now I feel better. Go figure.

Did I mention I'm very very grateful? I sat for a few minutes in my favorite big orange stuffed chair and watched basketball this afternoon (Duke vs Baylor....hate Duke...). Dear Daughter walked into the living room and said, "Wow Mom, you're sitting up. Haven't seen you do that in a while." It didn't last long, but it was fun. Every time I get up out of a chair or out of bed I say "thank you". Even if my new normal does involve periodic stiffness and leg pain, at least I'm walking. Amen.

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