Monday, January 18, 2010

idea for a poem

teaching the kids to jaywalk across Broadway
good job Mom

making dinner out of pasta and pastry and cheese
with vegetables as a condiment
laughter as a sauce
strong work Dad

letting them listen to songs with 4-letter words
in the lyrics
they know Gramma would have a fit
if she heard them use those words

daughter passes me in the kitchen
"that cookie dough is good"
Wait, I think
you know you're not supposed to eat
raw cookie dough,
and her eyes sparkle
she does know
but dares me to say....


Do I really want to raise my kids
in a world where you can't eat
raw cookie dough?
(truly one of the finest things in life)
where you can't
(after looking both ways twice)
cuz it's raining and you need the shortest path
from A to B?
and swearing? no swearing?

a world where you Must Always Eat Vegetables
or suffer the wrath of
The Parent Police?
The endless pain of knowing you weren't the perfect parent?

Oh, that.

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